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The total number of visitors to the event, including local and out-of-town visitors.
The percentage of attendees visiting from outside of the Bryan-College Station Area.
The percentage of event attendees staying in paid overnight accommodations (hotels, motels, short term rentals, etc.)
(If Applicable)
The total number of hotel rooms expected to be used by all attendees. (1 Room Night = 1 Room X 1 Night; 10 Room Nights = 5 Rooms X 2 Nights; etc.)
Date of Hotels Needed & Rooms Per Night (example below)
List the hotels that are currently blocked, or with a signed agreement, for this event. Check the box below if accommodations have not yet been arranged.

Funding Information

Please list any other revenue sources for this event.

A link to download the post-event survey template will go here.

A link to download a sample “Hotel Occupancy Tax Grant Agreement” that will be required, if approved for funds, will go here.

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